DSC06916Welcome to Mimosa Tree.  This is my blog about everyday life and just basic things I want to share here on this blog.

It’s Sunday night, March 4, 2018.  I went to church today and heard a good sermon my the preacher.  My sister and I then went to lunch at Subway and halved a sandwich and sat in the car talking.  I dropped her at her house and then came home and changed clothes and Suzanne came over to go for a walk.  We walked around the big circle a few times.  Then went to Walmart to get some things.  Big Ears was one of the things we got.  Always a good chocolate Easter rabbit.  We then went back to church this evening and heard another good sermon.  I am always learning something when I pay attention to the sermons.  I’m so thankful that I attend a church that teaches from the Bible.

I plan to post pictures and stories of present day things and also stories and pictures from the past.  I may through in a rant to two sometimes about things that I don’t like.  I also will post about what I believe in.